Earthquake Reported by Jonathan Fisher in 1817

From Jonathan Fisher's diary, as transcribed May 22, 1817:
"This morning just at day break we were awakened by an earthquake; first a light shock of about 10 seconds, then in immediate succession to that a heavier shock of about 20 seconds, the second shock I think rather harder than felt in this place June 7, 1808. For several seconds the joints of the house cracked aloud, but I believe nothing about the house was thrown down. As much as I could judge the sound after the shaking progressed eastward. Blessed be God that our habitation was spared and that our lives are spared; in the mean time may we adore and tremble before him who can shake both Heaven and Earth when he will. The weather fair and mild. Almost a dead calm"

Jonathan Fisher, A morning View of Blue Hill Village, 1824, oil on canvas, museum purchase, 1965