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Notes on a Visit to the Homestead Attic

Label on trunk found in Farnsworth Homestead attic

Concealment and Revelation: Masonic Symbolism and the Maine Painted Tall-Case Clock

By Gordon Wilkins
Curatorial Intern

Mixed Media Portraiture Class at the Farnsworth

From May 14 through June 18, Martha Miller led a class entitled Mixed Media Portraiture at the Farnsworth's Gamble Center for Education.
"In making a portrait, I attempt to reveal something of the psychological and emotional depth of the individual, but also something more archetypal, what it means to be human—to have a past, passions, and a spirit." –Martha Miller

Wyeth Day Lecture: Andrew Wyeth, King Vidor and the Big Parade by scholar John Adams

On Monday, July 12, the Farnsworth Art Museum will be celebrating Wyeth Day with a lecture by scholar Henry Adams entitled Andrew Wyeth, King Vidor, and The Big Parade. The lecture, which will take place at the Strand Theatre in Rockland at 6 p.m., will be free of charge, and no reservations are necessary. In 2009, Governor John Baldacci proclaimed July 12 as Wyeth Day throughout the State of Maine, and urged all citizens to honor N.C. Wyeth, Andrew Wyeth, Betsy James Wyeth and Jamie Wyeth who have collectively served this state for almost ninety years.

Information Screens at the Farnsworth

If you have been to the museum lately, you've probably noticed the new information screens posted at each of the museum's admission desks. These monitors have up-to-date information slideshows pertaining to Farnsworths's many exhibitions, programs and events. Be sure to spend a little time in front of one on your next visit!