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Curator's Notebook — An Interview with Historic Sites Curator Janice Kasper

 An interview with Curator Janice Kasper about the exhibtion Elegantly Attired—Victorian Apparel and Accessories in Coastal Maine

Q: How did you get the idea for this show?
A: The idea came from Helen Fisher when she was curator here. The museum had this wonderful collection of nineteenth-century fans and it was her thought to do a China Trade in Maine exhibition but then we received the clothing collection from the Bailey family. After Helen left and it became my show I thought that I would prefer to do a Victorian apparel exhibition. It was also a chance to bring out the Farnsworth family jewelry. It was last on display in 1995. I also believe that Lucy Farnsworth had requested that the family jewelry be on display from time to time.

Q:How did you go about planning the exhibition?

The Farnsworth Library Mantel

The comfortable reading room of the William A. Farnsworth Library is enhanced by a marble mantel originally imported for the U.S. Capitol. Initially one of a pair, the mantel eventually found its way to the Farnsworth Library after having been installed for a time in the 10,000 volume library on the second floor of the Washington, DC home of Supreme Court Justice Horace Gray.