Did you hear what they're saying about the Farnsworth?

“Having grown up in Rockland, the Farnsworth played a role informing me artistically from an early age. The opportunity to experience a wide range of artworks from artists influential at the international level is a substantial asset to the local creative economy and the casual art appreciator alike. That's why I'm happy to contribute time, ideas and effort to further the efforts of the museum through my involvement with The Collective. Casting a wider net to unreached demographics and local residents will help sustain the Farnsworth as the cornerstone of our artistic community.”

Jared Cowan
Asymmetrick Arts, Owner, The Farnsworth Collective, Steering Committee Member, Chair

I send everyone who comes to my Marina to you. They all come back happy.”

Kevin Taylor, The Landings Marina
“Thank you….especially to the Farnsworth for really putting your money where your heart is and funding our work here so that more kids can have this imaginative art approach in their classrooms. I am so grateful!!
Anonymous Teacher
 “We came to the Fall Family Festival and loved it…we make a one hour drive (from Yarmouth) to come to these events. It is such a great way to expose the kids to the museum.”
Christopher, member and Fall Festival event participant

“Since moving Harbor Square Gallery in 1995 from its location on Bay View St. in Camden to our beautiful new home at Museum and Main, the Farnsworth has been our most cherished neighbor and collaborator. Like an old and established tree it has afforded shelter and sustenance to the newcomer. Since then the arts district has flourished around us even as our two institutions have become closer, both in the physical realm and energetically. Together we aspire to an ever brighter future for the arts in Rockland. A gift to one is a gift to all. The Farnsworth has been a gift to this community for 65 years. Thank you very much indeed.”  
Thomas O'Donovan, Harbor Square Gallery

Jared Cowan, Owner of Asymmetrick Arts, at a Farnsworth Collective event.