American Treasures Talk and Tour: On the Cutting Edge: Samuel Fuller’s Moving Panorama of Rockland

July 15, 2013
Monday, 2 p.m.
Farnsworth Main Lobby
In 1850, Rockland artist Samuel Fuller came up with a plan to help his older and down- on- his -luck fellow Rockland artist, Ebenezer Finch. Fuller did three large paintings of Rockland and Thomaston, the two of Rockland measuring nearly fifty feet in width. They depicted the town’s main street, one from close up and the other a view from the harbor, whose fishing, boatbuilding and lime industries were vital to the town’s growth. Fuller sketched in the scenes and then gave the unfinished paintings for Finch to complete and eventually to sell. Finch never finished them, however, and they ended up being given to the Rockland Public Library in 1897 and, in 1950, to the Farnsworth. Only recently has their intended purpose been realized: as moving panoramas, a nineteenth-century predecessor to today’s motion pictures. This lecture will explore the history of panoramas and the place of the Farnsworth’s paintings in this history.
This talk and tour will be led by Chief Curator Michael K. Komanecky

To celebrate the American Treasures exhibitions, museum staff will give focused mini-lectures on specific works of art to highlight their importance in the museum collection. These programs will begin with a brief 20-minute PowerPoint presentation in the museum auditorium, followed by a tour in the American Treasures gallery where the featured work is on display. The PowerPoint will include images of related works and provide context for their creation.

These tours are free with admission and there are no advance reservations. Please check in at the main lobby admission desk on the day of the talk.

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