The Artist at Home: Lecture 2 – Blackie’s World: Bernard and Helen Langlais in Cushing

November 09, 2011
Wednesday, 5:30 p.m.
Farnsworth Auditorium
This three-part series will explore the homes and artistic lives of three of Maine’s treasured artists: Dahlov Ipcar (b. 1917), Bernard Langlais (1923-1977) and Jonathan Fisher (1768-1847). Each artist lived most of their lives in Maine and suffused their immediate living environments with their rich imaginative lives. Ipcar, Langlais, and Fisher’s homes all reflect their unique and multi-dimensional artistic personalities—blends of whimsy and functionality—ranging from monumental wooden animals to handmade furniture, hand-painted murals to fine prints.
Lecture 2 Blackie’s World: Bernard and Helen Langlais in Cushing
Lecture by Hannah Blunt, Bernard Langlais Assistant Curator, Colby College Museum of Art

In 1956, Bernard “Blackie” Langlais and his wife, Helen, purchased a summer cottage on the St. George River in Cushing as a summer getaway from their Chelsea loft in New York City. Ten years later, the couple bought a nearby farm and moved permanently to the area. Langlais was drawn back to Maine, his birthplace, by the exalting effect it had on all facets of his art, from his subject matter to his studio practice to the media in which he worked. There he poured his physical and creative energy into the construction of more than one hundred monumental sculptures, which he erected in the fields, ponds and rocky rises of his Cushing property.

Bernard Langlais outside of home
Bernard Langlais outside of home
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