The Artist at Home: Lecture 3 – The Jonathan Fisher Homestead

November 16, 2011
Wednesday, 5:30 p.m.
Farnsworth Auditorium
This three-part series will explore the homes and artistic lives of three of Maine’s treasured artists: Dahlov Ipcar (b. 1917), Bernard Langlais (1923-1977) and Jonathan Fisher (1768-1847). Each artist lived most of their lives in Maine and suffused their immediate living environments with their rich imaginative lives. Ipcar, Langlais, and Fisher’s homes all reflect their unique and multi-dimensional artistic personalities—blends of whimsy and functionality—ranging from monumental wooden animals to handmade furniture, hand-painted murals to fine prints.
Lecture 3 – The Jonathan Fisher Homestead
Lecture by Brad Emerson, President of the Board, Jonathan Fisher Memorial
As a young man, Jonathan Fisher possessed a triple passion for art, nature and mathematics. These disciplines were intertwined by 1794, when he left Harvard University and came to Maine to serve as parson of a Congregational church in the small village of Blue Hill. Although his primary duties as a country parson engaged much of his time, Fisher was also a farmer, scientist, mathematician, surveyor, and writer of prose and poetry. He bound his own books, made buttons and hats, designed and built furniture, painted sleighs, reported for the local newspaper, dug wells, built his own home and raised a large family. A painter and a printmaker, his art was often created late at night by primitive light, but his artistic sensibilities informed daily life in the household.
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