Cultures of Desire: An Examination of Art and Food — Lecture Three: À Votre Santé: Food and Health

October 19, 2011
Wednesday, 5:30 p.m.
The Strand Theatre, Rockland
This is the first lecture in a series of lectures examining two of our consuming passions: art and food.
Lecture Three: À Votre Santé: Food and Health
This lecture will begin with an examination of the connection between food, eating and our health. The diets of long-lived cultures around the world will be explored, along with the latest thinking on how to eat for both health and pleasure in the modern world. Another aspect of this lecture will be a survey of how modern and contemporary artists use food in painting, sculpture, photography and film. The lecture and the series will conclude with an exploration of how Maine is fast becoming a leader in one component of a healthier diet: fresh, local, organic foods.
Over three consecutive Wednesdays, the Farnsworth will present a special series on the interrelationship between food production/culinary history and paintings that depict food. Drawing on readings in anthropology, archaeology, material culture, social history, cookery texts and art history, Cultures of Desire will highlight some of the more unusual ways humans find and produce sustenance, and how from earliest days to the present they have created artworks that celebrate the nourishment of body and spirit.
MIT graduate and physician Keith Collins, MD, and Farnsworth Director of Education and Harvard instructor Roger Dell will lead this interdisciplinary exploration of art and food, using images from medical texts to cook books, from prehistoric cave walls to the Food Channel.
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Price: $15.00