FAM Cohort: Art & Technology in the Classroom

January 30, 2013
Wednesday, 4 p.m.
Gamble Education Center
This workshop will begin with an overview of various programs you can use to showcase student work with a broad audience.  The second half of the afternoon gives educators a chance to try out some of these tools for themselves.  If you are curious about iMove, Blurb Books, YouTube, altered digital photography this may be the workshop for you.  You can preview some of the material we will cover at ccskindergarten.wikispaces.com/eCreate.
Materials:  Please bring your school laptop (Mac) and any digital student work you would like to workshop with (i.e. student photos, videos, scanned artwork, text files, auto-files, etc.).       
Register:  Email Andrea L. Curtis at alc674@mail.harvard.edu
Artist Biography: 
Beth Heidemann Vickery is in her 20th year of kindergarten teaching at Cushing Community School.  She is a Nationally Board Certified teacher, recipient of a National Semi Conductor Innovative Educator award and state finalist for the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching.   She is dedicated to enhancing her students’ growth and development through the integration of technology and the arts into the classroom.  Beth has presented her teaching methods at staff meetings, school board meetings, and the Association of Technology Educators in Maine conference. In this workshop, Beth will illustrate how teachers can use the technology in their classroom to enhance student learning, engage with parents, and highlight student learning to a broader community. 
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