Ukrainian Egg Decorating Workshop with Lesia Socher

March 31, 2012
Saturday, 9:30 to noon
Gamble Education Center
Come celebrate spring by decorating your own eggs in the Ukrainian style. The egg, as an embodiment of life, has been associated with mythical and religious ceremonies from earliest pagan times. In worshiping the sun, the eggs were chosen as ritual objects for celebrations; the yolk represented the sun, the whites the moon. Through time, the Pysanka, a decorated egg, became deeply important in spring rituals, symbolizing nature’s rebirth. It was common among Slavic peoples and was prevalent as far back as 5,000 B.C.E. The geographical location of Ukraine made it less accessible to new cultural influences, so the development of Pysanka design was able to flourish and grow. The technique uses wax resist and the designs are drawn on the egg with melted beeswax, which flows from a tool called a Kystak. The eggs are then dipped in a series of dyes and the final pattern is revealed when the wax is removed. Each egg involves a trinity of symbols: the egg itself, the design, and the color. The designs carry rich, symbolic meanings and the eggs themselves are considered talisman for protection, fertility, and prosperity.
Instructor Lesia Sochor is an artist of direct Ukrainian descent who lives in Brooks, Maine. She learned the ancient spring tradition of decorating Pysanka from her mother and has shared this craft in many workshops throughout the state.
Location: Gamble Education Center
Materials: provided by the instructor
Class size: limited to 20 students
Cost: $30 members, $36 nonmembers

A bowl of Pysanky with various regional designs. Image courtesy of Lesia Socher.

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Price: $30.00