Who Was Lucy Copeland Farnsworth?

September 04, 2013
Wednesday, 5:30 p.m.
Farnsworth Auditorium
This lecture will take a closer look at Lucy Copeland Farnsworth--the museum’s founder who grew up and lived most of her life in the Homestead. Since the time the Farnsworth Art Museum opened in 1948, a legend has grown up around her, a myth that has described her as “mysterious” and as a “stingy eccentric,” among other things. How did this myth evolve? Who was responsible for it? And, more importantly, is it accurate in describing a woman who devoted her family’s fortunes to creating a museum and library as well as opening her home as a historic site in her adopted home of Rockland. 
Lecturer Michael K. Komanecky is the Farnsworth’s

Chief Curator and directed the restoration of the Farnsworth Homestead.

Farnsworth auditorium
Cost: $ 10 members, $15 nonmembers


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