Wyeth Day Event: The Parallel Lives of the Wyeths and the Roosevelts - An Interview with David Michaelis

July 12, 2012
Thursday, 6 p.m.
The Strand Theatre, Rockland
For the fourth consecutive year, the Farnsworth will celebrate the Wyeth family’s contribution to the arts on Wyeth Day. Independent scholar David Michaelis will be interviewed by Farnsworth Director of Education Roger Dell in The Strand Theatre at 6 pm, Thursday, July 12. Over a century ago, two larger-than-life dynasts, Theodore Roosevelt and N.C. Wyeth, each through his own far-reaching vision of America – Wyeth’s on canvas, Roosevelt’s on the face of the earth itself, and both through intense and vivid family experiences – inspired the new industrial nation to reach far beyond the vanishing frontiers of the old agrarian Republic to grasp the dream of empire. The relationship between father and son, so central to the collective American imagination and to the achievements of these passionate and powerfully creative clans, set the stage for controversial family dramas, myth-making, and great dreams that illuminate and complete our understanding of the Wyeths and the Roosevelts and the changing nation they brought to new life. The interview will be followed by a question & answer period.
Born in Boston and educated at Concord Academy and Princeton University, David Michaelis is the author of the national bestseller N.C. Wyeth: A Biography (Alfred A. Knopf, 1998), which won the 1999 Ambassador Book Award for Biography, given by the English-Speaking Union of the United States. In 2007, David Michaelis wrote Schulz and Peanuts: A Biography (Harper), a National Book Critics Circle Best Recommended Book, among other honors. He is currently working on a one-volume portrait of Eleanor Roosevelt (Simon & Schuster, 2016) and lives in New York City and Tenants Harbor, Maine, with his wife the documentary producer Nancy Steiner and their blended family of five children.
Location: The Strand Theatre, Rockland
Seating: open to 350 people
Cost: free of charge
Reservations: no reservations necessary
Top: N. C. Wyeth (1882-1945), In a Dream I Meet General Washington, 1930, oil on canvas, Permanent Collection of the Brandywine River Museum, purchased with funds given in memory of George T. Weymouth, 1991
Bottom: David Michaelis
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