2012 Camden International Film Festival supported by the Farnsworth — Shorts Plus

Sunday, September 30, 2012 - 12:00pm
The Strand Theatre, Rockland

Located on the rugged coast of Maine, the Camden International Film Festival returns for its eighth season from September 27 through 30, 2012. Recognized as one of the top 25 film festivals in the world for documentary films and filmmakers, the festival highlights work that shows dedication to craft and a unique and artistic approach to telling a darn good story. We like films that blur the line between fact and fiction, films that inspire and inform and most importantly, entertain.

The festival's main venues are Camden’s Opera House and Bayview Street Cinema and Rockland’s Strand Theatre and Farnsworth Art Museum.

You may find information on attending the festival here.

Sunday, September 30, noon,
The Strand Theatre, Rockland

Q&A with filmmakers and artists moderated by Roger Dell, Director of Education at the Farnsworth Art Musuem

*Special post-screening installation of SUN BOXES at the Farnsworth Art Musuem's Sculpture Garden following the screening.
Director: Andrew David Watson / Country: USA / Year: 2011 / Length: 3 min.
Offering a selection of some of the most well conserved antique tools in the country, Skip Brack's Liberty Tool Shop, in Liberty, Maine, is a Mecca for tool enthusiasts from across the globe. This short film gives an intimate look inside Brack's business; one that not only trades in tools, but also emphasizes their very place in America's industrial history.
INSTALL:  Sound, Light & Craig Colorusso
Director: Kevin Belli / Year: 2012 / Country: USA / Length: 20 min.
Enter the world of installation artist Craig Colorusso, who is transforming our environment through sculpture, light and sound. A series of audio interviews with the artist accompany a breadth of footage traversing the New England landscape, capturing three of his installations.
Directors: Hunter Snyder & Eleanor Conover / Country: USA / Year: 2012 / Length: 16 min.
A Mainer whose livelihood was once anchored in fishing and antiques, Brian White is now an artist involved in the difficult business of representing the fragile and emotional connection between object, personal memory, and landscape. This account chronicles over a year of immersive work. White sees an important and fragile connection between the natural and the material, which he believes need reinventing to be saved.
Director: Seth C. Brown / Country: USA / Year: 2012 /Length: 12 min.
Covered in grease, sandwich in hand, he has been in his shop all night building a machine. Tearing wires, welding copper to steel, replacing logic with humor and wit. He doesn't build for money or fame; he does it for his satisfaction alone. DEUS EX MACHINA is the story of a man building an incredibly beautiful, yet incredibly dangerous machine.


Still from Liberty Tools


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