Leap of Faith

Wednesday, July 25, 2012 - 10:00am
The Strand Theatre, Rockland
The Farnsworth Art Museum in alliance with the Lincoln Center Institute presents a free public performance of Leap of Faith, as part of the 2012 Lincoln Center Institute International Educator Workshops at the Farnsworth.
Leap of Faith is a dance theater production that seeks to awaken the imagination and the boundlessness of the human experience. Inspired by a vision of bringing to life the words of Rumi and other timeless poets, Kristi Williamson directs this dynamic performance that combines visual art, dance and live music. Artist Kathryn Oliver provides a visual reflection of the poetry, while dancers Shana Bloomstein, Annie Laurita, and musicians Wayne Delano, Max McFarland and Judy Nielson bring the work to life.
This performance is free of charge and no reservations are necessary.
The Farnsworth’s strategic alliance with Lincoln Center Institute is made possible through the funding support provided by the Arthur K. Watson Charitable Family Trust, the Cabot Family Trust, Peter and Barbara McSpadden, and other generous supporters.


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