19th-Century Perspectives: People & the Land

  • E Josselyn  Untitled Winter Scene, 1885 Oil on canvas 25 3/8 x 33 ½ inches Bequest of Marguerite Chamson Ball in memory of Alphonse Jean Chamson, 1982.5.1
January 18, 2014 - April 27, 2014
Craig Gallery

While artists drew creative inspiration from the environment, their paintings offer the viewer indications of attitudes as well as technical approaches toward subject matter. Found within the details of this group of nineteenth-century paintings from the Farnsworth collection are compositional and conceptual clues to such ideas of the time. A look at the attributes of portraiture—of people and the landscape—reveals notions of contemporary perspectives on nature, what the mind knows, what the senses perceive, and the melding of the real with the ideal.