Confronting Abstraction: Painting in Maine, 1945-1955

  • On the Road to Addison, Maine, No. 2, 1946 © John Marin,  	Oil on canvas, museum purchase in Memory of Thomas Gardiner, 1995
November 01, 2008 - May 17, 2009
Crosman Gallery

Drawing entirely from the museum’s collection, this exhibition of approximately twenty paintings reveals the responses of artists working in Maine to the increasingly insistent voice of abstraction that emerged from the Abstract Expressionists working in New York shortly after World War II. Artists such as Andrew Wyeth exemplified the powerful draw Maine’s coast continued to exert on those immersed in the realist tradition, whose roots in the state extended back to the early nineteenth century. Artists such as John Marin, however, who had embraced the new language of abstraction following the 1913 Armory Show in New York, sought to invigorate their work with formal elements that challenged the very idea of representational imagery. In addition to works by Marin and Wyeth, the show will include works by Stephen Etnier, James Fitzgerald, Thomas Fransioli, Reuben Tam, Ralph Rosenborg, and Andrew Winter.