The Farnsworth Homestead

  • The Farnsworth Homestead at the Farnsworth Art Museum in Rockland, ME
May 29, 2010 - October 11, 2010
Farnsworth Campus

The 1850 Farnsworth Homestead was the home of Lucy Farnsworth, the museum's original benefactor, and is part of the main museum campus. The architectural style of the house and outbuildings is Greek Revival but the interior is decorated in high Victorian style. The elegant structure has survived intact, with virtually no adaptation. Minimal electrical systems were added for safety purposes, but all the original heating and plumbing is still in place, including what was probably the first indoor bathroom with a flush toilet in the city. Thanks to a generous inheritance from her father and brother James, and to her own business acumen, Lucy Farnsworth left a sizable estate. She directed that the bulk of it be used to establish the William A. Farnsworth Library and Art Museum as a memorial to her father. She recognized the historical importance and the potential educational value of the family's house and left instructions that it be maintained with the original furnishings and be kept open to the public. The Homestead was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1973