A Gathering of Contemporary Glass: Artists from Haystack and Pilchuck

  • Howard Ben TrĂ©, Two (3/3), 2005; cast glass, lead and pigmented waxes; collection of the artist; photograph by Ric Murray
November 03, 2007 - February 17, 2008

THIS EXHIBITION OF CONTEMPORARY GLASS focuses on works created by artists who studied or taught at either Haystack or Pilchuck, two of the country’s foremost glassmaking centers. The Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, located in Deer Isle, Maine is one of the leading craft institutions in the nation. Founded by Francis and Priscilla Merritt in 1951 in Montville, Maine, it continues to attract the most skilled artists in a variety of media from around the world.

The Pilchuck Glass School, located in Stanwood, near Seattle, Washington, was created by glass artist Dale Chihuly who himself had taught at Haystack and modeled his own school along the same lines. It has become one of the most renowned glass studios and schools in the world. Many of the leading glass artists have either attended or taught at one, if not both, of these institutions. Through the work of Dale Chihuly, James Carpenter, Eric Hopkins, Howard Ben Tre, Sonja Blomdahl, Dante Marioni, Thurman Statom, Flora Mace, Joey Kirkpatrick, William Morris, Harvey Littleton and Lino Tagliapietra, among others, the show will examine the ways in which Haystack and Pilchuck may have shaped artists’ visions. Installations by Ben Coombs, Eric Hopkins, and Richard Remsen will also be featured.