N.C. Wyeth—Painter and Illustrator

  • N.C. Wyeth, Bright and Fair - Eight Bells, 1936, oil on canvas, museum purchase, 1989
May 16, 2009 - November 15, 2009
The Wyeth Center

NC Wyeth (1882-1945) was renowned as one of America's foremost illustrators during the golden age of illustration at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. He was also a talented artist in his own right and produced many beautiful paintings of the rugged coastal area around Port Clyde in midcoast Maine where he had a summer home. This exhibition presents a selection of both his illustration work and his paintings from the area and also includes a magnificent image of the summer house. The house and the painting were named "Eight Bells" after a work by Winslow Homer - an artist NC greately admired.