The Wyeths' Wyeths

  • N.C., Andrew and James Wyeth
May 15, 2010December 31, 2010
Farnsworth Wyeth Center

Three generations of Wyeths—N.C., Andrew and Jamie—have together established themselves as one of America’s foremost artist families. For more than a century, their works have graced the walls of museums and galleries, and reproductions of their works have spread their fame and popularity worldwide. As members of a closely knit family, they, along with their siblings, cousins and other family members,have often given pieces of their art to each other. In the process, the Wyeths have assembled a remarkable collection of works by various members of this distinguished artist family. Works range from the most public to the most private: they include major paintings, intimate sketches, Christmas cards, notes and letters.The Wyeth’s Wyeths offers a rare opportunity to see this selection of Wyeth holdings, featuring stellar works by N.C., Andrew and Jamie Wyeth as well as by Andrew’s sister, Henriette Wyeth Hurd.

Image caption: (left) N. C. Wyeth, c.1913, photograph by William Shewell Ellis, courtesy of the Brandywine River Museum; (center) Andrew Wyeth, 1986,
photograph by Peter Ralston; (right) Jamie Wyeth, 1998, photograph by Victoria Wyeth.