The Farnsworth Automatic Giving Program

Make Giving Easy — And Automatic!

The most cost-effective way to support the Farnsworth is by joining our automatic giving program. Your donation to the annual fund is automatically deducted, in monthly or quarterly installments, from your checking, debit or credit card account. These payments continue until you tell us otherwise. It is all done automatically, so there is no forgetting to make your annual fund donation each year.
As a member of the automatic giving program, you will receive annual notification that your support is continuing for another year. At that time, we provide you with an opportunity to increase your giving or offer you the ability to discontinue your on-going support.
You can change or alter your payment schedule at any time.

With Automatic Giving you

  • support the Farnsworth on a schedule of your choice
  • give a little each month—that enables you to give a lot over time

With Automatic Giving you provide the museum

  • with consistent and predictable cash flow
  • with reduced mailing and administrative costs, which puts more money directly into museum exhibitions and programming

For more information or to enroll in the Farnsworth Art Museum's automatic giving program please call the museum's Advancement Department at 207-596-6256.




Register for Automatic Giving in 2011 and you will automatically be entered into a drawing to win a print of Blueberries, Study for Distant Thunder by Andrew Wyeth.

Andrew Wyeth, Blueberries, Study for Distant Thunder, 1961, watercolor, ©Andrew Wyeth, limited edition of 250.  Farnsworth Art Museum, Rockland, Maine.
Andrew Wyeth, Blueberries, Study for Distant Thunder, 1961, watercolor, ©Andrew Wyeth, limited edition of 250. Farnsworth Art Museum, Rockland, Maine.

I am a Boston native who lives in northern California.  Supporting the Farnsworth allows me to maintain ties with my family's Maine heritage, and to acknowledge the excellence of this unusual research library and art complex. A graduate of the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute- Williams College, I have a particular love for the stunning array of regional museums that celebrate the New England heritage in photography and in painting. 

Monthly giving to the Farnsworth is for me a convenient way of providing a larger contribution to the annual fund than I might otherwise if simply responding to a fall appeal letter. This is an ideal support option for individuals on a fixed income or for whom the Farnsworth is distant. Unable to visit often, I, for instance, miss opportunities to attend fundraising events at the museum. Knowing that I participate in an alternative Farnsworth outreach effort is gratifying. 

Maine's landscape has served as a touchstone and haven for multiple artists over the last two centuries. Strengthening institutions which celebrate that phenomenon is an investment in our nation's culture, and provides opportunity for collaborative exhibit and publication ventures that educate.      
Fran Eastman
October 6, 2010