Julia's Gallery for Young Artists

Julia's Gallery for Young Artists is an award-winning, after-school and summer teen arts program at the Farnsworth. Julia's provides students 13-17 years of age with the opportunity to contribute to their community by creating, curating and critiquing art in a fun and supportive environment. The hands-on studio program partners teens with mentor artists working in a variety of mediums, and the gallery operations program empowers teens to showcase the artwork of their peers in a self-directed and professional setting. If you are interested in learning more about the program and becoming involved, please call the Education Department at 207-596-0949, join us at one of our work sessions or download and fill out the application form below. Free to students.
Gallery hours: Please refer to the "Julia's Current Exhibitions" page for gallery hours for specific shows.
Questions: Education Department at 207-596-0949 or email education@farnsworthmuseum.org
  Julia's Gallery artists and staff