Adult Studio Art

Decorate eggs in the Ukrainian style! Draw designs on eggs with melted beeswax using a tool called a kystka. You will then dip the egg in a series of dyes, with the final pattern revealed when the wax is removed. The pysanka was common among Slavic people since 5,000 B.C. and became deeply important in spring rituals, symbolizing nature’s rebirth. This workshop is recommended for families with children 8 years old and up. Solo adults are welcome as well.

In this week-long workshop with poet Kathleen Ellis we will explore connections between memory—truthful or fanciful—and history. How can language assuage or deepen our connections to the past? How do these events shape our values and world views, from our own identity to the plight of immigrants to climate change? Using current exhibits at the museum and local art galleries, photographs, historical events, and a range of poetic styles and techniques, we will jump-start new poems based on our experience and imagination. Open to intermediate and advanced poets and those who have taken at least two of Ellis’ previous workshops. 

Beginning with an overview of Federico García Lorca's life, writings, and drawings, this week-long workshop will examine the Spanish poet's influences (Buñuel, Dali, and Neruda) and those poets and artists he has influenced. Each day, you will write poems influenced, in turn, by the work of Lorca, his theory of cante jondo (deep music), and those he influenced, including modern Arab poets. Daily group workshopping of poems will take place in a supportive environment. Open to poets and visual artists of all levels. 

Cancelled due to low enrollment.

When we think of fresco painting we often think of large-scale mural painting. The focus of this workshop will be making portable fresco panels. Learn the techniques of this age-old medium, as you make substrates of wood and lathe, grind pigments, and paint true “Buon Fresco” on freshly laid wet plaster. The use of fresco on both traditional and unusual/unlikely surfaces will allow you to make work of your own in a contemporary context as you learn this revered medium. All levels welcome. Please bring watercolor brushes.

This class is designed for people who have had some basic experience watercolor painting or are feeling adventurous and want to jump right in. During the five sessions we will look at different experimental approaches to painting with watercolor and how we can incorporate them into paintings. We will learn how to create dynamic washes, interesting textures, patterns, and marks that would be hard to achieve with traditional methods but can make a painting glow.

This class is designed to help the painter that feels stuck or would like to learn ways to loosen up and be free with their painting. There will be weekly demonstrations and lots of encouragement to try new things.

Please see the suggested materials list below. Participants will be expected to bring their materials to the first class.

This class will offer simple and easy artistic techniques to create one-of-a-kind pieces and provide various paper products to use, including handmade paper and various recycled materials. Learn the steps on how to make a sculptural vessel that you can use in the home or give as a gift.

Trelawney O'Brien is a textile based artist and educator living in Rockport. When she is not teaching, she is working in her studio in Hope, creating textiles, art installations for exhibitions, and working on creative commissions. To see examples of her work, go to

Cost: $46; $40 members (includes $10 materials fee)

In this week-long workshop with poet Kathleen Ellis, participants will expand their range of poetry writing styles, and explore new strategies for re-energizing their work by creating and stretching tension and surprise. Using models of contemporary poets, as well as current exhibits at the Farnsworth, we will jump-start new poems based on what we see, read, imagine, and re-vision. Poets and visual artists of all levels welcome.

In this four-week workshop, join artist Margaret Rizzio, with her wealth of vintage ephemera and paper supplies, and learn various collage techniques. Breathe new life into once-forgotten materials in these collage filled afternoons. Through different prompts, we will explore what it means to use pattern vs. image, cutting vs. tearing, bold vs. muted colors, and textured vs. flat surfaces. Please feel free to bring collage materials you would like to incorporate, but know there will be plenty of materials to share. There will also be time to discuss and share our work with the group. 

This class is about appreciating the world around us, and as an ongoing workshop, each session varies according to the dynamics of the group. The focus of the work is still-life set-ups in the Gamble Education Center and land/seascapes from area excursions depending on the season and weather. In-class discussions include the historical and contemporary treatment of these various subjects. Many approaches are taught from different drawing-media to water-based painting. Working out of a personal, natural inclination is stressed more than a specific style or approach to making art. The class includes participants of all varieties and skill levels. We learn from each other.

Come join artist Margaret Rizzio to make unique valentines just in time for the 14th! In this one-day workshop, participants will learn various card-making techniques and the creative freedom the medium of collage provides. Using a wide variety of ephemera and various vintage print materials, we will make one-of-a-kind greetings. Please feel free to bring collage materials, but know there will be plenty of vintage print materials to use and share.