Adult Studio Art

Have you ever wondered about the process involved in the medium of fresco painting? Join artist Barbara Sullivan for a hands-on exploration of this age-old medium. During this two-day intensive, students will develop an understanding and appreciation of true buon fresco (painting into freshly laid wet plaster) within both an art historical context, as well as in practical applications. Students will learn the many steps involved, such as how to prepare substrates, arriccio and intonaco layers of plaster, how to grind pigments, and knowing when the plaster is ready to accept paint. All these techniques will be put into practice as students design and execute their own portable fresco panels.
Spend a Saturday morning learning the basics of painting in egg tempera. In this exciting three- hour workshop you will make your own egg tempera paint and learn various methods of applying it such as glazing and scumbling. Egg tempera dries very quickly, allowing one to layer one color over another. This medium has been around since the Egyptians and was perhaps most well-known during the Renaissance. Because of its rich color and luminosity, it has become increasingly popular with artists today. As part of the workshop, we will have the opportunity to view and discuss some of Andrew Wyeth paintings. Handouts and a resource list will be provided. Please bring an apron/old shirt, watercolor brushes (sizes 1, 2 and 4) and a notebook.
When decorating eggs in the Ukrainian style, designs are drawn on the egg with melted beeswax, which flows from a tool called a Kystka. The eggs are then dipped in a series of dyes and the final pattern is revealed when the wax is removed. The Pysanka, a decorated egg, was common among Slavic peoples as far back as 5,000 B.C. and became deeply important in spring rituals, symbolizing nature’s rebirth. All materials will be provided for this workshop. Space is limited to 25 participants and is recommended for families with children 8 years old and up. Adults without accompanying children are welcome to come as well.
In this one-week poetry writing workshop with poet Kathleen Ellis, participants will experiment with thirteen different approaches to lines and line breaks, even considering the “end of the line” evident in some recent poetry. Using models of modern and contemporary poets, we will consider lines as units of breath, means of rhythmic inflection, pieces of a collage, primary means to create and control attention, and frame of mind. We will also examine line breaks as disrupters of spatial contexts and alternate ways of creating lines of least/most resistance. Drawing on works in the Farnsworth’s current exhibitions, we will jump-start new poems based on what we see, read, imagine and re-vision. Poets and visual artists of all levels are welcome.

Members: $125

Make your sweetie or secret crush a unique handmade card for Valentine’s Day. We'll have lots of inspiration and materials on hand--papers, glitter, paint, etc., and envelopes for delivery. Feel free to experiment with making your own stamps, hidden messages, pop-ups, mobiles, or just keep it simple with a big red heart! Artist Ingrid Ellison will be on hand to show us various techniques and tips.

Collective members wishing to register for this program, simply call the Education Department at 207-596-0949

Collective Members: Free ($5 optional donation towards materials)
Members: $10 (includes materials)
Nonmembers: $15 (includes materials)

Join us for a six -week introduction to mixed media painting. Participants will learn a variety of two- dimensional techniques to use in creating their own works of art. We will talk about composition, color choice, picking a subject or theme, and how it all comes together. Each week will build upon the last.  Materials covered may include water and acrylic based paints and inks, drawing, transfers, stencils, prints and collage. Students are encouraged to have a sketchbook in which they can practice each technique while working on a larger support.  No painting or drawing experience is necessary to make your own original artwork.

Members: $135 (includes $15 materials fee)
Nonmembers: $159 (includes $15 materials fee)

This class is an opportunity to explore a unique approach to printmaking. The printing plates are made from food -grade gelatin and can be used for a variety of printmaking processes including monotypes, relief printing and stamping. The workshop will cover plate preparation, introductions to various processes and exploration with water-based inks and paints, focusing on time for participants to experiment and develop their own approaches.

Lois Anne is a painter, printmaker and poet who has maintained her studio in Rockland since 1984. Spontaneity and surprise continues to excite her about the monotype and printmaking process.

Collective Members: $36
Members: $48
Enjoy the process of painting—quiet your mind and allow your heart and hand to explore. This painting process will help rekindle a sense of childlike wonder about paint and paper and play. We will use tempera paints as if we were children and see what emerges on the paper. This workshop is for you if you’ve considered painting but never thought you could, and it is also for trained artists who want to explore and expand.

The Farnsworth Museum will be offering a free mask and puppet building workshop for adults taught by Shoestring Theater, Maine's longest running community puppet theater. Artistic Director Nance Parker will be leading participants through the process of creating, designing and building their own personal mask. Participants will be expected to use their wildest ideas about creatures and myths when designing their work. Work will be executed sculpting clay, paper-mache and wire. We will also be adding our own hand sewn costumes to create creatures both magical and scary. And as a group, we will also build a large parading puppet. These will be part of the Fall Family Festival Parade, taking place at the Farnsworth sculpture garden at 5:30 p.m. on Saturday, October 19. To sign up, please call 207-596-6457 x146.

Join us for an evening of creative ornament-making. Materials will be available, as well as a few sample ideas for suggested approaches. Feel free to bring in any items and materials from home that you’d like to incorporate if so inspired. Get ready to jazz up your Christmas tree or make a few ornaments to give as gifts during the holiday season