Adult Studio Art

This class is an opportunity to explore a unique approach to printmaking. The printing plates are made from food -grade gelatin and can be used for a variety of printmaking processes including monotypes, relief printing and stamping. The workshop will cover plate preparation, introductions to various processes and exploration with water-based inks and paints, focusing on time for participants to experiment and develop their own approaches.

Lois Anne is a painter, printmaker and poet who has maintained her studio in Rockland since 1984. Spontaneity and surprise continues to excite her about the monotype and printmaking process.

Collective Members: $36
Members: $48
Enjoy the process of painting—quiet your mind and allow your heart and hand to explore. This painting process will help rekindle a sense of childlike wonder about paint and paper and play. We will use tempera paints as if we were children and see what emerges on the paper. This workshop is for you if you’ve considered painting but never thought you could, and it is also for trained artists who want to explore and expand.

The Farnsworth Museum will be offering a free mask and puppet building workshop for adults taught by Shoestring Theater, Maine's longest running community puppet theater. Artistic Director Nance Parker will be leading participants through the process of creating, designing and building their own personal mask. Participants will be expected to use their wildest ideas about creatures and myths when designing their work. Work will be executed sculpting clay, paper-mache and wire. We will also be adding our own hand sewn costumes to create creatures both magical and scary. And as a group, we will also build a large parading puppet. These will be part of the Fall Family Festival Parade, taking place at the Farnsworth sculpture garden at 5:30 p.m. on Saturday, October 19. To sign up, please call 207-596-6457 x146.

Join us for an evening of creative ornament-making. Materials will be available, as well as a few sample ideas for suggested approaches. Feel free to bring in any items and materials from home that you’d like to incorporate if so inspired. Get ready to jazz up your Christmas tree or make a few ornaments to give as gifts during the holiday season
Dabble and explore with new materials not always found in your home studio. Various materials will be available for experimentation—watercolors, tempera paints, assemblage materials, glue guns, charcoal, various papers, etc. Poke around the Gamble Center’s supply room and see what strikes your fancy. Don’t be afraid to play and let go of outcomes!
This studio exploration invites participants of all levels and creative inclinations to learn and/or explore this unique drawing practice. Silverpoint is a traditional drawing technique still used today that was first used by Medieval scribes then by artists of the 14th century and through the ages. It is one of several types of metalpoint techniques where a drawing is made by dragging and etching a metal styli on a prepared surface.
In this introductory drawing class, the group will do a few quick drawing exercises to loosen up, and then work on some object/still life drawing. Participants should bring an object they love, so that you have some connection to your subject. Together, the class will discuss the difference between looking and seeing, which is key to drawing (or any art making, really). Instructor Mark Kelly will show some examples of different types of drawing through history.
In this 3-week intensive introduction to animation for adults, participants will learn the basics of three animation techniques: charcoal animation, Claymation, and pixilation—and choose one technique to create their own short film. The course will be co-taught by Annie Bailey and Trelawney O’Brien and is open to 6 participants.
The Wednesday night classes will be devoted to demonstrating techniques, covering the history of animation, and discussing key concepts. Within each of the animation formats, the class will discuss ways to create mood, create scenes, and how to develop character.
This class will offer simple and easy artistic techniques to create one-of-a-kind pieces and provide various paper products to use, including handmade paper and various recycled materials. Learn the steps on how to make a sculptural vessel that you can use in the home or give as a gift.
“A poet writes the history of his [her] body.”—Henry David Thoreau, The Journal
Led by poet Kathleen Ellis, this workshop will explore the connections between poetry and art, using the museum’s current exhibitions and practicing acts of cultural dumpster-diving (both literally and figuratively) to trigger our creative juices. We will generate new poems that challenge who we are in our historical, cultural, and natural environments, using real-world references to address the paradoxical inevitability of modern life. There will be experimentation with a wide range of poetic forms, visits to exhibits (different from the Aug. 5-9 workshop), daily group critique, and revision sessions.