Adult Studio Art

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make your own hooked rug? Students are invited to join a three-day class devoted to learning the craft of traditional rug hooking. In this introductory class, the rich history of primitive rug design will be discussed and step-by-step rug hooking basics will be taught, which will include preparing foundation material, cutting the wool, and hooking with yarn and silk. Students will also learn about tools such as hooks, frames and hoops, and they will be shown various hooking techniques and finishing options. By the end of the class, each student will have made a 12” x 12” rug from start to finish. No prior rug hooking experience is required.  All materials will be provided by the instructor.
Led by poet Kathleen Ellis, this workshop will explore the connections between poetry and art, using the museum’s current exhibits, Rockland’s waterfront, and the Olson House as sources for writing. Experimentation with a wide range of poetic forms will be used to jumpstart new poems. The workshop will also include collaborative activities as well as daily group critiques.
This workshop will explore the ways in which single words or phrases can generate poems. Choosing words or terms from a trade or art, natural flora and fauna, or community vernacular, we’ll consider how they shape values, world view, or ideas about identity or one’s environment. How do we redefine them according to our experience and imagination? Using the museum’s current exhibits, local gardens, and area woodlands as sources for writing, students will experiment with a wide range of poetic forms to jumpstart new poems.
Location: upstairs of the Gamble Education Center
Level: beginner to advanced writers
Materials: bring personal writing materials to class
Learn the art of Mokuhanga, a traditional Japanese woodblock printing process, in this intensive introductory workshop. Each participant will cut and print an edition of color prints to learn about this water-based, nontoxic technique. Mokuhanga provides precise registration and great control over color and a connection to an important chapter in the history of printmaking. Students will cut blocks during the first half of class and print during the second half. Each class will begin with a discussion of a different aspect of Japanese woodblock.
Join artist Colin Page for a week-long plein air painting workshop on scenic North Haven Island. The class will depart from Rockland via ferry and will stay at the beautiful Nebo Lodge, which will serve as base camp for the class. The goal of the week will be to improve oil painting skills through painting the landscape on site. In addition to painting such a beautiful Maine island, participants will have the option to share meals and have lots of downtime to discuss all of the aspects of painting, the creative life, selling art, and more.
In this 5-day plein air landscape painting workshop, participants will have the rare privilege of painting at one of Maine’s most scenic sites, in beautiful South Bristol at the ocean-front property of artist and instructor Kayla Mohammadi and internationally renowned artist John Walker. Participants will focus on painting what they see from the landscape and will be encouraged to develop their own style.
Each day will begin with a demonstration and brief lecture, followed by participants working individually with one-on-one instruction, gathering at times for group critique. Participants are welcome to paint using either acrylic or oils, and should bring a bagged lunch.
Cost: $455; $395 members
Have you ever wondered about the process involved in the medium of fresco painting? Join artist Barbara Sullivan for a hands-on exploration of this age-old medium. During this two-day intensive, students will develop an understanding and appreciation of true buon fresco (painting into freshly laid wet plaster) within both an art historical context, as well as in practical applications. Students will learn the many steps involved, such as how to prepare substrates, arriccio and intonaco layers of plaster, how to grind pigments, and knowing when the plaster is ready to accept paint. All these techniques will be put into practice as students design and execute their own portable fresco panels.
Spend a Saturday morning learning the basics of painting in egg tempera. In this exciting three- hour workshop you will make your own egg tempera paint and learn various methods of applying it such as glazing and scumbling. Egg tempera dries very quickly, allowing one to layer one color over another. This medium has been around since the Egyptians and was perhaps most well-known during the Renaissance. Because of its rich color and luminosity, it has become increasingly popular with artists today. As part of the workshop, we will have the opportunity to view and discuss some of Andrew Wyeth paintings. Handouts and a resource list will be provided. Please bring an apron/old shirt, watercolor brushes (sizes 1, 2 and 4) and a notebook.