Adult Studio Art

Join us for a series of studio tours with the artists Meghan Brady, Melissa Sweet, Judy Bonzi,  Richard Iammarino, and Julie Crane. The group will depart from the Wyeth Center’s parking lot.  Open to 20 participants. BYO snacks and/or bagged lunch to enjoy en route.

Cost: $30; $20 members; $10 Collective members

Melissa Sweet
Melissa Sweet in her studio.


Artist Richard Iammarino will lead a weeklong intensive offering instruction for drawing with silverpoint and crow quill pen. This class invites participants of all levels and creative inclinations to learn and explore their drawing practice. The class will introduce various techniques to prepare drawing surfaces for use with silverpoint and India ink. Silverpoint is one of several types of metalpoint techniques where a drawing is made by dragging and marking a metal stylus on a prepared surface. The crow quill pen is the finest point used when pen and ink drawing and is ideal for small scale works, either from observation or imagination.

In this week-long  plein air landscape painting workshop, participants will have the rare privilege of painting at one of Maine’s most scenic sites, in beautiful South Bristol at the ocean-front property of artist and instructor Kayla Mohammadi and internationally renowned artist John Walker. Participants will focus on painting what they see from the landscape and will be encouraged to develop their own style.

Create a multicolor print from a single block of linoleum. This process of reducing the block by cutting and printing the colors sequentially in layers can be quite an exciting challenge. Each color is printed first, the entire edition all at once, then cut away from the block before the next layer of color is printed.  The final block is reduced, leaving only the raised surface of the last color printed. Throughout most of the process you will work in reverse and backwards. The reduction method is not only economical it also allows for accurate registration (correct alignment of the block and paper with each color printing).

Class cancelled due to low registration.

This workshop is for photographers and other visual artists who want to add writing to a project and for writers who want to incorporate visual images in a significant way. We will begin by looking at a wide variety of word & image texts to get a sense of the ways artists combine the two. Then, we will focus on each student’s specific interest/project, helping to identify ways to incorporate the two art forms into a whole that works. In the second week, students will work on creating a dummy for a portion of a word & image project. Please bring a laptop or tablet to each class. Open to 12 participants.

In this 4-week introductory class, students will explore watercolor's transparent qualities. Together we will learn about washes, gradations, tonal values, manipulating and controlling the medium while being open to its endless surprises. Repeat students are welcome to participate.

Artist Lesia Sochor is a graduate of the Philadelphia College of Art and is an enthusiastic teacher who believes anyone has the ability to create. She has lived, painted and exhibited in Maine for 34 years.

Materials: Participants can bring 140lb. watercolor paper and any paints (either pan paints or tubes) or brushes you might have. Materials will be discussed at the first class.

Cost: $123, $105 members

This class will provide an introduction to a variety of materials and techniques while participants work on one larger cradled panel or canvas to complete a unique personal narrative piece.  We will use a range of water-based materials, glazing, collage, transfers and found objects to complete the work.  All materials needed and plenty of individual support will be provided each class. Students need only arrive with a concept or idea and the rest will unfold in the class. Students are encouraged to bring a mixed-media sketchbook or journal to work in alongside their larger piece.

Artist Ingrid Ellison has a BS from Skidmore College and an MFA from American University. Built in layers, her work is informed by elements of nature, both from the surrounding environment and from the microscopic world.

In this week-long workshop led by poet Kathleen Ellis, participants will read and write poems that are not limited to only one kind of language. From odes to curses to poetic “selfies,” we will explore the driving force of a poem. Using models of contemporary poets as well as drawing on the Farnsworth’s current exhibits and local art galleries, we will jump-start new poems.  There will be in-class exercises and daily group critiques, and the class is open to poets and visual artists of all levels. Please bring personal writing materials to class.

Led by poet Kathleen Ellis, this workshop is for writers who would like to deepen and broaden their own work as well as engage with the work of their peers and contemporaries in a critical manner. Exploration of and experimentation with a wide range of poetic forms will be used to jumpstart new poems. There will be in-class exercises and daily group critiques. Open to intermediate and advanced poets, or those who have taken at least two previous workshops with Ellis. Please bring personal writing materials. Open to 11 students.

In this week-long writing workshop with poet Kathleen Ellis, participants will ratchet up their range of poetry writing tools, moving from metaphor to metonymy, mining new sources, and exploring new strategies. Using models of contemporary poets as well as drawing on exhibits at the Farnsworth and local galleries, we will jump-start new poems based on what we see, read, imagine, and re-vision. Poets and visual artists of all levels welcome. Please bring personal writing materials. Open to 11 participants.