Come listen to the Lux Radio Theatre’s hour-long 1950 Christmas Special broadcast of The Wizard of Oz featuring Judy Garland, with commentary by Willard Carroll and Roger Dell, Director of Education. Refreshments will be served.

Free with admission. No advance reservations.
Come listen to and meet the author and creator of Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West and many other best-selling books. Wicked, now a beloved classic, is the basis for the Tony Award-winning Broadway musical of the same name. This Camden Public Library event is presented in collaboration with the Farnsworth Art Museum.

Tickets for the talk, including the book-signing reception, are $25 per person. 

For more information and tickets, contact the Camden Public Library at www.librarycamden.org or call (207) 236-3440.
Learn more about this special dog and listen to select readings from I, Toto: The Autobiography of Terry, the Dog who was Toto.

Free with admission. No advance reservations.

Together with Tom Wilhite, Willard Carroll has amassed the world’s largest collection of The Wizard of Oz memorabilia, selections of which are on view October 12, 2013 to March 30, 2014 in the exhibition The Wonderful World of Oz. This lecture will take place the opening weekend of the exhibition and will give insight into the origins of the collection.

Free with admission. No advance reservations.

The November 13 lecture will examine wide array of beverages from the Neolithic Period to the present. An outline of the history of beer (Egypt), wine (Greece), coffee (Africa), and tea (India/China) will be traced, and their respective impact on their countries of origin will be detailed in color illustrations. The dietary and health aspects of these beverages will be considered, as well how these drinks were celebrated in the arts.
The November 6 lecture will explore the many food products of the New World that the European discoverers brought back to the Old World. Although certain foods were not immediately used by a large portion of the European population, eventually they became the mainstays of countries like France, Italy, and Ireland, to name a few. How the nutritional content of tomatoes, potatoes, yams, and corn impacted the health of Europeans and how these vegetables were depicted in art will be illustrated in the lecture.
What political issues inform your work? How do you see your role as an artist in terms of social justice and political activism? How effective can artists truly be in promoting social change?

Artists: Kenny Cole, Alan Magee, and Pilar Nadal.
Moderator: Alexis Iammarino.

What are the challenges and rewards of working collaboratively? What are different forms that artistic fellowship can take? What does it mean to have or to be a mentor?

Artists: Alexis Iammarino, Kathryn Oliver, and Andy White
Moderator: Kelly Finlay.

Time and Money: Studio Practice and Making a Living
What does it mean to maintain a studio practice as a working artist? How do you as an artist manage your time and space? What are the rewards and burdens of making art for money (i.e making one’s “living” as an artist)? How is value attached to the products of art-making?

Join emerging and mid-career artists for this 3-part series covering topics relevant to artists living and working today. Artists such as Kat Buchanan, Kenny Cole, Alexis Iammarino, Mark Kelly, Alan Magee, Kathryn Oliver, Colin Page, Jessica Stammen, and Andy White will engage each other and the audience in conversation.