Adult Program + Children/Family Program + Educator Workshop

Too often those who are quickest or loudest to assert their identity have fastened on a single, supposedly fixed aspect of their nature or background to the detriment of the rest. Whatever the reasons, the work of the artists discussed here demonstrate the error and futility of such ostensibly self-protective measures. Featured artists include: William Wegman, Bruce Nauman, Kerry James Marshall, Maya Lin, Louise Bourgeois.
Spirituality is such a vibrant and integral part of our lives that even our changing times and attitudes have not stifled the powerful partnership of spirituality and art in the modern era. Featured artists include: Beryl Korot, Ann Hamilton, John Feodorov, Shahzia Sikander, James Turrell.

America is a country made of places, not just the places marked by road signs and maps, but also places forged in the crucible of memory, longing and desire. Featured artists include: Richard Serra, Sally Mann, Margaret Kilgallen, Barry McGee, Pepón Osorio.
As the Farnsworth exhibition Elegantly Attired shows, nineteenth-century American women of the middle and upper classes dressed in fine fashions in the most up-to-date styles. This clothing shaped their bodies into figures that conformed to ideals of femininity and womanhood. Paintings, prints, and photographs of the period similarly defined these types—the working class woman, the New England woman, the idealized woman and the modern woman.  This talk will examine the wide- ranging visual images and their role in both advancing and challenging such gender stereotypes of the period. Donna Cassidy is Professor of American and New England Studies and Art History at the University of Southern Maine.
Location: Farnsworth auditorium
With a focus on Victorian dress, local costume historian Julie Stackpole will lead a gallery tour of the Elegantly Attired exhibition. Stackpole frequently researches period costumes; she also does period costume illustration and creation. In addition to her own vintage costume collection, Stackpole has also made period costumes for the General Henry Knox Museum and Acadia National Park.
Location: meet at the Farnsworth’s main entrance on Museum Street
Seating: limited to 20 people
Cost: $15 members; $20 general admission
Reservations: please call 207-596-0949
Chief Curator Michael Komanecky will discuss select pieces in the Real and Abstract exhibition, with a focus on the equally persistent strains of abstraction and realism in American art after World War II. Artists in the exhibition will include Will Barnet, Janet Fish, Sylvia Mangold, Kenneth Noland and others.

Exhibition Curator Jane Bianco will lead participants through the third in a series of exhibitions featuring prints from the permanent collection of the Farnsworth Art Museum. Prints featured include those by Larry Rivers, Andy Warhol, Milton Avery, Alex Katz and others. Bianco will use the works in this exhibition to provide the inspiration for a discussion about society and visual expression in America since World War II.

Do you ever wonder about the history of fans, jewelry, purses, hats, gloves and undergarments? Janice Kasper, curator of the Elegantly Attired exhibition, will discuss the accessories that were needed to complement a woman’s dress in the late nineteenth century. Topics to be covered will include the language of fans, the proper etiquette for wearing jewelry, the selection of hat and gloves to wear for various occasions and the functions of the various layers of undergarments.
Located in the Peshawar Valley in eastern Afghanistan and northern Pakistan, Gandhara was an ancient kingdom dating from the sixth century B.C. to the eleventh century A.D. Gandhara’s “Golden Period” was the first to the third centuries A.D. (Kushan Period) when large stupas (Buddhist monuments) and monasteries were spread across the Peshawar and within the great city of Taxila. Early sculptures of the Buddha were carved by western or western-trained artists, and there was a steady flow of ideas back and forth between Rome and Central Asia.