Artist Trivia: Dahlov Ipcar

Who is this artist:  Born in Vermont and raised in Greenwich Village, New York, and in Maine, this artist married and settled in Maine to farm and paint.Inspired by animals, the artist worked to portray them, often within geometric configurations. The Farnsworth holds a number of their works in various media including books, prints, paintings, and soft sculptures.They were the first of their […]
Dahlov Ipcar (American, 1917-2017) Jungle Pool, 1965, Oil on canvas

Artist Trivia: Jonathan Fisher

Who is this artist:  This artist was also a clergyman! Born in the 18th century, and celebrating their birthday today (October 7) their observations of the natural world are still influencing modern day scientists! They were raised in Massachusetts but spent the greater part of their life leading their congregation and raising their family in a […]
Jonathan Fisher (1768-1847), Plan of Schoolhouse, Louise Nevelson, The Endless Column, 1969-1985, painted wood, Collection of the Farnsworth Art Museum. Bequest of Nathan Berliawsky, 1980.35.30

Artist Trivia: George Bellows

Who is this artist:  Born in the late 1800s and influential in the early 20th century, this artist died young and unexpectedly. Their depictions of boxing matches and gritty New York City neighborhoods brought them attention. They also created landscapes, portraits, prints, and illustrations that highlighted the social ills of their era.  Born in an industrial […]

Artist Trivia: Eastman Johnson

Who is this artist:  This artist in the Farnsworth collection was born in Lovell, Maine, in 1824, but grew up in nearby Fryeburg. In 1834 their family moved to Augusta, where their father was involved in state government. There the artist opened a crayon-portrait studio at age 18. Their artistic apprenticeship began in earnest in […]
Eastman Johnson, The American Farmer, circa 1870, Oil on panel, 11 x 7 x 1/8 inches, Museum purchase, 1945.439

Artist Trivia: Peter Ralston

Who is this artist:  Born during the seventh month of the year, this artist grew up in the birthplace of a very well-known American painter currently featured in three exhibitions at the Farnsworth! (Hint! It is in Pennsylvania.) They studied briefly with an American landscape photographer and environmentalist becoming a photojournalist by profession. Later, during the eighth decade of the 20th century, they were […]
Peter Ralston, Betty, 1991, Iris print, Gift of John and Mary Ames in memory of Elizabeth B. Noyce, 1997.13 Rockwell Kent, Maine Coast Fairfield Porter, Beach Flowers #2 Joyce Tenneson, Robert Indiana, 2005