On March 16, 17 and 20th, the Thomaston Grammar 3rd grade participated in an exciting mid-winter learning adventure at the Farnsworth! The collaborative experience combined the science of learning, motor learning, creative movement, and artistic expression through silk painting.

From Fire to Inspire is a framework of images, sounds, colors, and verse aimed at connecting learners to an understanding of neuroplasticity and an individual’s power in the learning process. Once constructed, the framework becomes a classroom tool that connects all learning in all contexts.

Liz Giles-Brown, teacher and creator of From Fire to Inspire – Wiring Masterpiece ME, and teacher and artist Erica Qualey collaborate to facilitate lessons (carefully crafted to consider how the brain/body system learns best) infused with motor learning, movement, neuro-nuggets (what scientists know about how the brain learns), and artistic expression. Together we will build the From Fire to Inspire Framework, learn how neurons wire and rewire connections in response to learning or experience, and learn the art of silk painting as we reflect and create colorful movement scarves to be displayed and used in a culminating performance.

It certainly looks like everyone had a fun and engaging experience! Click through all of the images below!

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