Artist Trivia: Joyce Tenneson

Joyce Tenneson, Robert Indiana, 2004, Giclee print
Joyce Tenneson, Robert Indiana, 2004, Giclee print, 14 x 11 inches, Museum purchase, 2005.3.2

Art Trivia: Who is this artist?

An author of more than a dozen books, this artist has received many awards and international acclaim for their work. A teacher and mentor in their field, they moved from New York to Rockport, Maine in 2005, where they currently reside.

This artist was born in New England and pursued their graduate studies at a prominent Washington, D.C., university. They have shown their work in more than 150 exhibitions. 

This might give the artist’s identity away: their work was featured as covers for issues of Time, Life, and other prominent publications! In addition, their portrait work is in demand in countries around the globe.

Answer: Joyce Tenneson

Tenneson was born in Weston, Mass., and earned her master’s degree in photography from George Washington University. Her work has been shown in over 150 exhibitions worldwide and is part of numerous private and museum collections, including the Farnsworth’s. 

Her photographs have appeared on countless covers for magazines such as Time, Life, Entertainment Weekly, Newsweek, Premiere, Esquire, and The New York Times Magazine. She is also a much sought-after portrait photographer with clients in Europe, Japan, and the United States. 

“Joyce Tenneson has a well-deserved reputation as one of America’s foremost photographers, demonstrated in her work and the many books devoted to it, and as an outstanding teacher and mentor whose reach has extended beyond our nation’s borders,” cites Farnsworth Chief Curator Michael K. Komanecky.

Tenneson is also the author of 15 books, and is the recipient of numerous awards, including the International Center of Photography’s Infinity Award, for best-applied photography, and the 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award from the Professional Photographers of America. In addition, she has been named “Photographer of the Year” by the international organization Women in Photography. 

Tenneson moved in 2005 from Manhattan to Rockport, where she continues to live and work.

Joyce Tenneson, Robert Indiana, 2004, Giclee print, 14 x 11 inches, Museum purchase, 2005.3.2

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