How to Make Egg Tempera

In two short videos! Joan Brady is a classically trained artist striving to create rich, luminous, dramatic compositions that simultaneously draw you in and jump out to meet you.   She delights in creating original works inspired by her home on a tiny island ten miles out to sea. In two short videos below, she demostrates how […]

Jamie Wyeth: Maine Coon Cat

Guide to looking When viewing art, allow a few minutes just to observe. Careful observation allows time to use all the senses, become engaged, and notice things missed at first glance. Make a list of everything observed: objects, colors, shapes, patterns, as well as the feelings that the work conveys to you. Guiding Questions: What […]

Visual Thinking Strategies

with Jude Valentine, Farnsworth Coordinator of Public Programs A little background: Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) was first developed at Harvard University through the work of cognitive psychologist Abigail Housen. It was adapted as a museum education program at MoMA more than 30 years ago and widely used since then in educational environments including classrooms, museums, […]
Daffy Down Dilly