Artist Trivia: N.C. Wyeth

Who is this artist? Growing up on a farm in Needham, Massachusetts late in the nineteenth century, the artist-to-be developed a love of nature. At Mechanic Arts High School in Boston the artist excelled in drafting before developing as an illustrator during studies at Massachusetts Normal Art School. Howard Pyle then taught the young artist […]

Artist Trivia: Leonard Baskin

Who is this artist? The artist’s family moved from New Jersey to Brooklyn in 1929 where the artist’s father accepted a post as a Rabbi.  Attending Yeshiva school during the day, at the age of fourteen, the artist began attending night school at Educational Alliance in Manhattan’s lower east side. Working as a sculptor, and […]

Artist Trivia: Alex Katz

Who is this artist? This painter was born in Brooklyn in 1927 and their family moved to St. Albans, a diverse community in Queens, NY in 1928. Both of their parents were interested in poetry and their mother was an actress in Yiddish theater. This artist was accepted into the prestigious Cooper Union to study […]

Artist Trivia: Ashley Bryan

Who is this artist? This artist was born in Harlem in 1923 and was raised in Bronx, NY. They expressed a lifelong love of music, poetry and art which was fostered by their parents, who despite the deprivations of raising a large extended family during the depression, encouraged this artist’s many interests. At 17 they were […]

Artist Trivia: Willard Metcalf

Who is this artist? Born in 1858 in Lowell, Massachusetts, the painter moved to Maine at the age of five, eventually returning to Massachusetts. The artist trained as an apprentice to a wood engraver before developing as a portraitist and landscape painter at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.  After studying in France from […]