Celeste Roberge: Chaise Gabion

“One of the things I enjoy most about modern art is the inventiveness, sense of place, and combination of materials that are not usually used together to make art. Artist Celeste Roberge has created a couch (in French it is a Chaise Gabion, or sofa cage) where river rocks (so familiar to us who live in Maine) are enclosed in a metal form. It is surprisingly comfortable and when museum visitors try it, they are usually smiling or laughing when they arise. Some say, ‘I can’t believe the Farnsworth let me lie down in the gallery!’ Humor is an important part of modern art.”
Vas Prabhu, Director of Education, Farnsworth Art Museum


Celeste Roberge, Chaise Gabion, 2004. Stainless steel and river rocks.


STEP 1: Gather materials such as pencils, paper, markers, glue, scissors, a ruler, and perhaps recycled magazines and newspapers that have images.

STEP 2: Invite a family member to join you in creating a work of art.

STEP 3: Using your own ideas regarding materials, design a Roberge-inspired living room furniture set. Don’t forget chairs, lamps, and cushions. The work could be a drawing or collage or a three-dimensional creation.

LAST STEP: Share your creations with us by uploading your finished work below!

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