Fannie and Willie Farnsworth

“ I find that portraits of children from previous time periods are fascinating. Their clothing, pose and details indicate what it was like to be a child, and how adults viewed children. Lucy Farnsworth helped to create Farnsworth Art Museum to honor her father William A. Farnsworth and give a gift to the midcoast residents.

While an image of Lucy does not exist, this painting of her siblings was created by an artist whose name was not recorded.”

Vas Prabhu, Director of Education


Painter Unknown, Fannie and Willie Farnsworth, c. 1880, Oil on canvas, Bequest of Lucy Copeland Farnsworth, 1977.5.137

Guide to Looking

Look carefully at this image and notice as much as you can. What are they
wearing? Where are they located? How are they feeling? What is going on behind them (background)?
If you have family members ask them to look at the work with you and compare notes.


STEP 1: Gather paper, pens, markers, scissors, and glue.

STEP 2: Find some recycled magazines, newspapers, and so on.

STEP 3: Create a contemporary sibling for Fannie and Willie. What type of a pet might they have owned?

LAST STEP: Share your creations with us by uploading your finished work below!

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