French Meat Stuffing

Meat Stuffing. Image courtesy of My Yellow Farmhouse
Image courtesy of My Yellow Farmhouse

Submitted by Denice Ostlund, Docent. A family favorite from my French Canadian Mother-in-law.

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Two pounds of ground chuck

Two eggs

1 tsp. Salt

1 tsp. Clove (careful, not one bit more)

2-3 slices white bread soaked  in milk

Mix all above ingredients in a pot for cooking on top of the stove.  Add water…enough to bring mixture together and to make a sort of “juicy” texture, but not floating in water.  

Cook slowly for about two hours.  Frequently stir and check to see how water is diminishing.

Serve with turkey dinner.  Really good (believe it or not) with turkey gravy. We made traditional stuffing as well and utilized this dish as a side dish, along with all of the other traditional sides. 

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