Jamie Wyeth: Maine Coon Cat

Guide to looking

When viewing art, allow a few minutes just to observe. Careful observation allows time to use all the senses, become engaged, and notice things missed at first glance. Make a list of everything observed: objects, colors, shapes, patterns, as well as the feelings that the work conveys to you.

Guiding Questions:

  • What is happening in this painting?
  • How many cats can you find?
  • How would you describe the mood of the cats?
  • What do you wonder about it? 

Suggested Activities:

  • Write a story about what you imagine is happening in this painting. Create names and personalities for the cats.
  • Draw or paint your pet doing a favorite activity. What kind of mood does it portray about your pet?

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Artist: Jamie Wyeth
Title: Maine Coon Cat
Year: 1998

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