Meet the Team: Docent Denice Ostlund

Farnsworth Docent Denice Ostlund

Denice’s roots began across the country in northern California, where she grew up.  She met her husband in San Francisco and his ties to New England eventually brought them to Massachusetts.  Denice’s training and experience is in the medical field. She worked as a head nurse and administrator. Denice and her husband loved Maine and spent many summers here. When she retired, moving to their house on a pond in Maine was the perfect choice.  She has been an educator at the Farnsworth since 2006 and it was a sense of community that first drew her here.  Denice has worked at the Olson House and loves leading school children through the galleries. She smiles as she recalls a small boy’s candid comment when looking at Elaine De Kooning’s ‘The Living Room’, 1948. When asked what might be happening in the painting, he said, ‘I think they’re in counselling’.  When not at the Farnsworth, you might find Denice in her garden, or playing bridge or mahjong.

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