Meet the Team: Eddie Dechaine

Eddie Dechaine

Eddie was born in Canada and grew up on the border between Maine and Canada in the town of Madawaska. He is Native American and part of the Wabanaki Confederation. Eddie and his family are also descended from the Acadians, a French culture that extended from present day Quebec as far east as Nova Scotia and predates the Cajun community in New Orleans. In the 1700s this part of Canada was taken over by the English, and the Acadians were deported to France or the Cajun/French quarter of New Orleans. Some were able to hide from deportation in Northern Maine.

From an early age, Eddie always loved to draw. He was part of a gifted and talented program for Fine Arts.  The artwork he created in various mediums while in this program became his portfolio when he applied and was accepted to MECA, Maine College of Arts.  At MECA, he majored in animation with a concentration on visual effects. Eddie was able to incorporate his printmaking and designs in collage into his filmmaking.  Eddie minored in Art History and developed a love for Maine artists. When his family moved to the Midcoast, he recalls his first introduction to the Farnsworth was writing an essay on a painting of his choice and explaining how it made him feel. 

Eddie graduated, with honors, in 2021 and soon began working at the Farnsworth in Visitor Services and at the Farnsworth store. He really enjoys meeting people and networking. He feels that networking not only helps our guests, but gives him a better understanding of people and their interests. Not surprisingly, Eddie is also an Eagle Scout.  It was his time in scouting where Eddie developed his love of camping and archery. While in college he was the archery director at his old Boy Scout summer camp.

When he is not at The Farnsworth, he dabbles with A.I. art. Eddie taught himself 3D programs and water simulation special effects.  He additionally works at the movie theater which allows him to preview all of the latest films.  He hopes one day to see his name in the studio credits of a big film in a creative capacity.

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