French Meat Stuffing

Submitted by Denice Ostlund, Docent. A family favorite from my French Canadian Mother-in-law. Share the Wonder Recipe: Let’s Make French Meat Stuffing! Two pounds of ground chuck Two eggs 1 tsp. Salt 1 tsp. Clove (careful, not one bit more) 2-3 slices white bread soaked  in milk Mix all above ingredients in a pot for […]


Submitted by Pamela Dodge, Finance Department Share the Wonder Recipe: Let’s Make Needhams! ¾ cups mashed potatoes ½ tsp salt (2) one lb. packages of confectionery sugar 1 stick margarine 1 lb. package of shredded coconut 2 tsp vanilla  Melt butter in the top of a double boiler.   Add salt, mashed potato, coconut, vanilla, and […]

Connecting with Art: Elly Andrews

Interview by Farnsworth Director of Leadership Giving Ann Holton Farnsworth Director of Leadership Giving Ann Holton recently spoke with Eleanor “Elly” Andrews of Northeast Harbor Library, a community partner of the Farnsworth’s on Mount Desert Island (MDI) in Maine. She asked her which artwork in the Farnsworth’s collection she connects to the most. A shortened […]
Robert Pollien, Ebb Tide,

Connecting with Art: Ann Morris

Interview by Farnsworth Curator Jane Bianco Farnsworth Curator Jane Bianco recently sat down with Ann Morris of the Rockland Historical Society to understand which artworks in the Farnsworth’s collection Morris values most. A shortened version of this interview appeared in the fall 2020 Farnsworth magazine.  AM: I love the way the Farnsworth presents Rockland and […]
Emily Muir, Stonington, Circa 1960, Stone mosaic, 28 x 148 inches

Artist Trivia: Elaine de Kooning

QUESTION: Considered by some the voice of Abstract Expressionism, this artist was an articulate defender of the movement. She wrote numerous insightful pieces about her fellow artists. As a critic for ARTnews, she reviewed the work of Arshile Gorky, Franz Kline, David Smith, Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock, and Josef Albers, among others. In numerous series […]

Artist Trivia: Childe Hassam

QUESTION: Considered the pioneer of American Impressionism, this artist painted works of New York City street scenes that earned him the reputation as “our street painter par excellence” around the turn of the 19th century. Considered the pioneer of American Impressionism, he was born in Dorchester, Massachusetts, and after studying in France from 1886 to […]

Artist Trivia: Will Barnet

Question: This artist’s professional career spanned nearly nine decades, beginning in the 1930s at the Art Students League in New York, where he taught from 1936 through 1980. He is best known for his distinctively flat, stylized aesthetic, and his paintings often feature solitary figures in meditative or enigmatic settings. In 1971, the artist fell […]