Behind the Scenes offers musings from the Farnsworth’s curatorial staff on art, artists, museums, and the broader cultural world of which the Farnsworth is a part. Michael K. Komanecky, Chief Curator The story may sound familiar. An experienced and successful author raised in New England writes a novel that takes the country by storm, selling numbers […]

Visual Thinking Strategies

with Jude Valentine, Farnsworth Coordinator of Public Programs A little background: Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) was first developed at Harvard University through the work of cognitive psychologist Abigail Housen. It was adapted as a museum education program at MoMA more than 30 years ago and widely used since then in educational environments including classrooms, museums, […]

Maine Artists at Home: Patrisha McLean, Curbside Delivery of Hope

PATRISHA MCLEAN: Curbside Delivery of Hope Patrisha McLean is a writer and photographer specializing in portraits of children, both in her personal artwork and as a commissioned photographer.  Her work has been exhibited in galleries and museums across the country and her work is in the collection of the Farnsworth Museum. Mclean is also an […]

Artist Trivia: John Marin

QUESTION: This artist was a Modernist painter whose work bordered on abstraction. His paintings can be characterized as an exploration of movement and influenced Abstract Expressionism, but New England landscapes, especially the Maine coast, were regular subjects. He was voted America’s greatest artist in 1948, although he was largely forgotten after his death a few […]

First to Hail the Rising Sun

Maine through the Eyes of Its Artists In 2020, on the occasion of Maine’s bicentennial, the Farnsworth Art Museum will present a series of projects that celebrate the state’s ongoing role in American art. Under the banner First to Hail the Rising Sun: Maine Through the Eyes of its Artists, these projects will include both specific exhibitions […]

Recipe: Roasted Onion Flowers

At its most basic, cooking is about recognizing what ingredients are available—or what raw materials must be used before spoiling—and then using those items to create a product that feeds our bodies. The fun of cooking, for me, comes from noticing the colors and textures of materials and playing with these qualities to create something […]