The Museum’s guiding principle when selecting work for display is presenting the highest quality artwork. Not all artwork meets the tastes or values of all people. The Farnsworth evaluates and exhibits works of artists who are outstanding in their professional fields. Any history of cultural excellence contains a wide range of works that may have sparked controversy.

The Farnsworth Art Museum may be asked to remove an artwork from display because the artwork provokes objections that are based on the behaviors of the artist, religious preferences, financial affiliations, a desire for censorship, subject matter considered offensive, or any number of other views.

The Farnsworth celebrates the work of artists. Unfortunately not all artists have lived their lives in ways as admirable as the art they have created. But the work is the document that exists for evaluation, not the person. The Farnsworth has strong policies to prevent abuse of power, harassment, or discrimination and is responsible for providing a safe and professional environment for its workers and its visitors.