Explore the home of the Farnsworth’s benefactor Lucy Copeland Farnsworth

The Farnsworth Homestead on the left with the Homestead's Carriage House on the right. In between is a tall column-shaped sign for the Farnsworth in green and black.

In 1849-50, the Farnsworth Homestead, a large Greek Revival-style home, was constructed on Elm Street in Rockland, Maine. It is appointed in high Victorian style and considered one of the first houses in the city to have hot and cold running water.

In 1935,  Lucy Copeland Farnsworth (1838-1935) passed away at age 96. In her will, she directs the construction of a library and art museum in memory of her father and the opening of her family home to the public as part of a new museum campus in Rockland.

In 1973, the Farnsworth Homestead was named to the National Register of Historic Places.

The Homestead is currently closed for the 2024 season. Thank you for your patience as we undergo preservation efforts.

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