Each year, the Maine in America award is presented by the Farnsworth to honor an individual or group who has made an outstanding contribution to Maine’s role in American art.

Past Winners:

2023: The Alex Katz Foundation

Artist Ashley Bryan smiles brightly as he looks towards the viewer wearing a black, green, orange, and yellow top and with one of his floral paintings behind him.

2022: Ashley Bryan

The Farnsworth is celebrating 13 Women of Vision in 2021

2021: The Women of Vision

2019: The artists of Slab City Rendezvous

Architect Toshiko Mori receiving the 2018 Maine in America award from Farnsworth Director Christopher J. Brownawell

2018: Toshiko Mori

2017: Betsy Wyeth

2016: Joyce Tenneson

2015: Lois Dodd

2014: The Shakers of Sabbathday Lake

2013: Matthew Simmons

2012: Dahlov Ipcar

2011: Paul Caponigro

2010: Alex Katz

2009: Robert Indiana

2008: Will Barnet

2007: Andrew Wyeth

2006: John Wilmerding