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    Wyeth family items include new products, archival material, out-of-print items, and more. Find products related to 3 generations of Wyeths and their extended family.
    Famed American illustrator N.C. Wyeth‘s introduction to Maine began in the summer of 1907.  Maine would become the subject for many of his most famous artworks.
    Andrew Wyeth‘s Maine works played a vital role in his evolution as a painter. His deep connection to Maine was solidified upon meeting Betsy James, at age 22, who introduced him to Christina Olson, the eventual subject of his most famous painting, Christina’s World.’
    Like his father Andrew, Jamie Wyeth‘s talent became apparent at an early age. Jamie’s time in New York was an important step in his development and set him apart from his father and grandfather. He currently spends time on Monhegan Island which has attracted some of America’s most accomplished artists, where he continues in the artistic tradition of depicting scenes of island life. Source: ‘Maine And American Art’
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    Wyeths - Jamie Wyeth

    Jamie Wyeth, born 1946, Wilmington, Delaware. Jamie Wyeth is the son of Andrew Wyeth and grandson of N.C. Wyeth

    Wyeths - NC Wyeth

    Newell Convers Wyeth (October 22, 1882 – October 19, 1945)

    Wyeths - Andrew Wyeth

    Andrew Wyeth (July 12, 1917 – January 16, 2009)