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Andrew Wyeth said, “My struggle is to preserve that abstract flash like something you caught out of the corner of your eye” and on numerous occasions called himself an abstract artist. Prompted by these statements, this book, accompanying the exhibition of the same title, explores this major American artist’s interest in the abstract art of his contemporaries and the roots of his own practice in abstract methods that will be revelatory to many who think they know the full story of this iconic creative life.

A remarkable body of unexhibited works on paper from the collection of the Wyeth Foundation for American Art that ranges across six decades, this exhibition explores broadly what abstraction meant to Andrew Wyeth and the role it played in his art making. From this material, a novel understanding of an iconic artist emerges: an American original actively engaged with new currents in the art world who used a startlingly free and fierce method when it suited his goals, and for whom a visionary transformation of an observed subject into abstracted form and gesture was a fundamental aspect of his practice.
Included are essays by Karen Baumgartner, William L. Coleman and Eric Aho

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