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Limited Edition of 200.

Eight Bells, the title of a famous painting by Winslow Homer, was the name N.C. Wyeth gave to the house in Port Clyde that he bought in 1920 as a summer home for himself and his family.  One of the many paintings he made in Maine independent of his illustration commissions, it captures the brilliant sun and puffy white clouds so typical of coastal Maine summer days.


Summering in Port Clyde encouraged N. C. Wyeth’s desire to realize his long-held ambition to be seen as something more than an illustrator: as an artist. As he wrote to his son Andrew, ” One of my great and blessed relaxations is to concentrate upon any chance detail with remote Port Clyde and sublime sea that bathes it shores even the imaged sight of a small ordinary wave, glass-clear and jewel green, gliding over the smoothed surface of a gently shelving shore.”  Though he was understandably famous for his paintings done for illustrations, Wyeth’s Maine landscapes and seascapes, as well as his depictions of the everyday lives of the coast’s people, demonstrate his formidable talents as a painter.

Image Size: 22 x 30, Limited Edition of 200.  Giclee.