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An Anecdotal History Celebrating Two Centuries of Statehood

Tom Huntington

Hardcover, 216 Pages

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Historian Tom Huntington covers the course of Maine’s often turbulent history, decade by decade. He writes about the death of Congressman Jonathan Cilley in a duel; the Portland Rum Riot and the birth of Prohibition; the Confederate raid on Portland Harbor; James G. Blaine’s scandal-ridden try for the presidency; the triumph and tragedy of Louis Sockalexis, the first Native American to play major league baseball; Sangerville native Hiram Maxim’s transformation of modern war; Charles Lindbergh’s 1927 visit to Maine (and the Portland resident who became the first person to stowaway on a transatlantic flight); the bloody shootout that killed gangster Al Brady in Bangor; the German saboteurs who came ashore on Mt. Desert Island during World War II; Margaret Chase Smith’s principled stand against Senator Joseph McCarthy; Samantha Smith’s plea for world peace; the arrival of Somali immigrants in Lewiston; and much, much more. It’s an entertaining and informative look at key events, milestones and personalities from two fascinating centuries of statehood.

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