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with border: 32″ x 25″

Image: 27″ x 20″

– Museum Reproduction


Made during Kent’s stay on Monhegan in the winter of 1906-07, Maine Coast  shows snow-covered fields and a thick stand of trees, with one of the island’s mountains in the distance and a glimpse of the sea beyond.  Its blue-tinged shadows on the white snow and stormy gray skies, freely and expressively painted, reveal the attraction the scenic island held for Kent.

Looking back on his time in Maine, Kent wrote in 1928,” Those were days of hard work, with all the excitement of a new and dangerous vocation.  I liked the cold.  It was stimulating.  It became an obsession to me.  Have I said I liked it?  I question that,  it may be that I hated it so that I got a kind of exaltation from the effort of overcoming it.”

Show poster from the 1990 exhibition of the Elizabeth B. Noyce collection.