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How to Tie 40 Essential Knots

Patrick Moreau, Jean-Benoit Heron

Paperback, 112 pages

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Learn to master dozens of knots essential for boating and all water activities with this innovative illustrated guide.

Packed with helpful step-by-step instructions and beautifully detailed illustrations, Marine Knots includes forty different knots every water sportsperson—including sailors, motor boat enthusiasts, waterskiers, paddle boarders, kayakers, canoers, and more need to practice their craft or hobby safely and confidently. With Marine Knots, you’ll learn how to tie a variety of common knots, including:

Stopper Knots, Hitch Knots, Lashing Knots, Eyes or Closed Loops, Bend Knots, Longitudinal, Tension Knots, Whipping Knots, and Symbolic Knots.

For everyone who loves spending time on the water, Marine Knots is a reliable, invaluable guide—and the perfect accessory for popular water activities.

Includes detachable practice rope!