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Set of 20 boxed notes, 5 each of 4 designs

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Joan Metcalf’s paintings reflect the drama of the natural world, both literally and figuratively. The Oregon artist’s creativity is sparked by her environment, from the bright sun shining off coastal waves to the vibrant, changing colors of autumn leaves. She fills her large-scale paintings with dynamic scenes, using metal leaf and oil paint to make the light shimmer and glint the way it does in nature.

Though metal leaf provides Metcalf with plenty of challenges—floating away to the studio floor, photographing differently with each angle—it adds a brilliant dimension to her paintings. Metcalf’s florals in particular burst with color; four are featured in this assortment. Brighten someone’s day with these boxed notecards displaying Metcalf’s luminous art.

Contains 5 each of the following images:
Spring Radiance
Seasonal Harmony
May Iris Garden
Blooming Pear Tree

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